Compound Success
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The 6 rules Of Compounding Success.

February 2, 2019

1. The one factor for leading your life. What is the one control factor for leading every outcome in your life? One thing Will determine whether you end up driving this or that, whether at the end of 50 years you end up broke, alone, bitter and divorced or you end up with a marriage of trust, send your children to the best universities in the world or they studying at home because you can’t afford the best universities. Its choices.

2. You never own success. There are 7 billion people in the planet, in success magazine just appear 12 of them in the cover, what do they do to get in it? There are myths about what people believe they do to appear in the cover of success magazine. Success is not a result of heroic feats, they are also not a result of grand acts of bravery. Do not leap and learn to fly on the way down. You cannot own success, you can only rent it and you rent it every single day.  One day and another.

3. Is what you do with what you know what counts. Knowledge is not power, it is the potential of power but is not what you know, it is only what you do with what you know what makes the difference. Stop looking for the quick fix, the short cut, the quick notes for success, happiness and wealth. There isn’t one. You would walk through a mine field of laborious, mundane and unexciting work to get to your success.

Step by Step

4. There is no secret. Success is earned one day at a time, there is not a secret, there is not a magic bullet, there is no secret, there is no magic pill, there is nothing that has been buried for long time ago that has just released. Success is earned by hard work. That is the real secret to success. Hard freaking work. It is mundane it is also unexciting, nobody Will feel you are doing it great, it is unsexy regardless of what you see on tv, laborious day in and day out and it is frustrating and defeating but success is earned one day at a time, you have to decide everyday if that day is going to be a success or not. If that day is worth it or if it Will end up in a pile of bad days. You are presented thousands of decisions through the day, every one of those gets you closer to your success.

5. Become a master at something. Mastering your craft Will bring you an extraordinary success. Am I doing it? Have I mastered it? Would my results prove that I’ve mastered it? Would the results in my relationship, in my waist line, in my business, in my life prove that I’ve master it? If the answer is doubtful you have to re work on in.

6. Re-wire your belief systems to have more success you have to get rid of past beliefs that have limited you. It all starts with new beliefs. A new belief that is possible for you. It’s not the program that doesn’t work, it was installed in a crappy operating system. Your installed beliefs are your visual prism. Is like walking with 3d glasses, you can walk around and everything you see Will be interpreted according to your beliefs. Your prism becomes your prison. This is what holds back opportunity, what keeps back love, intimacy, happiness and what keeps you back for being able to break through and become a leader. You must recognize where you have fallen to break through and become the person you want.Hard Work Everyday

This limiting belief falls into 3 main categories:

Hopelessness. It won’t happen to me, no use trying, they are special they are unique, it can happen but not to me. Is for other people, not me, I’m too afraid.

Helplessness.  I don’t have the ability, I’m too weak, I’m too afraid, I’m not Good at sales, I’m not Good speaking in front of people, persuading and convincing other people to follow me is not my mood.

Worthlessness. I don’t deserve it, I’m not Good enough, they won’t like me. The truth is the belief “I’m not” is a lie. Before we ever agree to believe I’m not, it was somebody else’s opinion and their opinion was bullshit

Identity. The longer that you held on to this beliefs systems, the more publicly you declare this is what you believe, you Will grow deeper and deeper roots systems into your psyque and you are less likely to give it up based on how long you have held this beliefs to be truth for you, it becomes your identity and I tell it as a warning, some of your beliefs are holding you back, are limiting without your consent. All your behavior, your choices, outcome and performance are entirely shake by your belief system, change your belief system and you Will change the rest of your life.

  • Identify what belief is holding you back. You can identify it based on a goal you want.
  • Draw on the sand. I used to believe _________but now I am getting better at _______ every day. I don’t believe more this about myself, about other people, about the future, about the economy. Draw a line. I used to believe something creepy about myself but not anymore, I am getting better at it everyday
  • Immerse yourself in the contradictory belief system. With information, positive information, abundance information, instructional and Good information.
  • Act. Step forward. In the fase of fear do it anyway.

You are worthy, you are capable, you can do this, you Will provide, I believe in you.