Be a Good Persuader
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The Ultimate 5 Steps To Be a Good Persuader

February 15, 2019

1. Be a good storyteller. Make sure you translate all your business into stories. Become story conscious as well as figure conscious. How many stories those millions represent. Translate activity and business and volume into people life’s, stories, who was involved in the transactions. Become your own storyteller, whether is identification, solution, go over your own life. 


  • At the end of your day, who do you see, meet, talk to, why they say what they say. Draw off that day, lock that day in your consciousness.
  • Take a few hours over the week, don’t let your life without taking a serious look at the numbers for more than 30 days.
  • Take a weekend at the end of the year called time to reflect. Why try to make the past more valuable? To invest it in the future. Gather up more of your own past and invest it in your future.

Use stories of life.

2. Focus on Accurate facts. Dealing with truth. It builds credibility. Exaggeration destroys credibility. If people catch you in a lie they throw away all your testimonial. All it takes is one to weaken all your testimonial. True sophistication is a total absence of exaggeration. It’s unnecessary to be sophisticated. Exaggeration is the childish attempt to make up for lack of self-worth, confidence and substance. If you build character and confidence and precision of thinking and decision making and you have a sense of growing worth an value you don’t mind dealing in absolute truth and accuracy because that’s what counts. Better understated than overstated. When you are working with people let them find out it was more than your promise and it was easier than you said. Learn to trust the truth. Become stronger yourself in telling the truth. You don’t know who is going to be around to check the accuracy of your stories. Tell accurate stories, deal in truth. Learn to trust the truth. The truth will set you free. The best thing to affirm is the truth.  Affirmation without discipline leads to delusion. Best to state the truth. First you got to know the problem before going to the answer. Borrow somebody else´s quotes. It shows you have done your homework. Borrow all that you can borrow to support your argument, to express your mind and your feelings. “The truth is incontrovertible, mellows may attack it and ignorance may deride it but in the end there it is”. – Churchil “Nothing can resist a human will that will steak its existence in its purpose”. – Disraeli. Borrow the effect of somebody else’s unique word and put it into your presentation.

Good Storyteller

3. Use Straight talk. Tell it like it is. Put it on the line. There is nothing wrong with you but there is something wrong with your plan, your thinking, you bought the wrong story, you bought the wrong formula, its easy to wind up sincere and poor and you can work hard and be poor if you buy the wrong formula, you never took out the calculator. That help me find out where my problem was. Deal with the basics, the fundamentals, there aren’t any new fundamentals. Antiques can’t be manufactured as new. Whatever you sow you reap. Whatever you reap is what you have sowed. If you don’t like the crop who do you look for? Whoever planted it. You. You got to go to the mirror. This is talking straight. Am I reading the books or am I not? Are my current practices taking me where I want to go? It’s the truth that starts to relieve the mind of all the excuse and the guilt and get right down to where it is. There is no problem but you. If it is got to be is up to me. It is never going to change, the next years will be about the past years. You can start making new life changing decision today. Today. Don’t wait the prices to go down. Go immediately and quickly in the refinement of your own thinking and the refinement of your own disciplines and watch how quickly the equity of that starts to grow. Deal in straight talk.

4.  Make a Challenge. We all respond to a challenge. How fast can you run, can you win, etc. challenge yourself. Challenge people “lets go do it”. Don’t say  “go and do it”. Life is a challenge it is so important to articulate the press, the push, accepting whatever that comes. That makes life worthwhile.

Straight Talk

5. Print Passion in your words. A passion for excellence. Passion is an emotion. Emotion is the spirit, is the life. It isn’t just knowledge that makes you wealth is knowledge mix with feelings and attitudes and emotions. Our emotions need to be educated. If you learn to articulate those well, to let that flow, not just for the surface but for down deep for a life time of experience if you will draw for all those feelings and commitments and awareness even with some misgivings, with not knowing it all, even with a sense of humility but is that flow of emotion that finally seals the point in the final art of persuasion. When people have picked up the esense that you really believe in a committed to what you’ve been talking about.

One more formula in touching people with words. It’s going to be 20% what you know and 80% how you feel. Work on knowledge but the greatest of the skill is to work on the precision of emotions, feelings commitment, passion for the cause, for the occasion to solve the problem, to touch somebody truly with the spirit as well as with the mind, with hearth as well as words.