Personal development

11 Ways to ALWAYS be happy!

December 12, 2018



If you are lacking of Happiness, here you will find some inspiration, keep reading!

1. FORGIVE. Put aside any pain and resentment, fill your heart with love, not necessarily for those who treated you badly, but for you, let forgiveness free you and take away all the resentment that you left in your heart all this time. Allow yourself to fill that space with compassion. Start small, release your luggage. You will feel happier

2. FACE WITH GRACE EVERYTHING THAT IS PRESENT. From bad to good, from pain to relief, resentment to forgiveness. Gratitude gives meaning to the past, peace to the present and vision to the future.

3. VISUALIZE YOUR FUTURE AND CREATE YOUR DESTINY. Put aside the past and create your future, dare to think big, the bigger your imagination, the more beautiful your life will be, the power of imagination is incredible “visualize” the life you may have and act as if you already you had everything.

4. ACT IN SYNCHRONY WITH WHAT YOUR HEART NEEDS. Read books and develop new skills. Do what you must do to fulfill your dreams. With every step the situation will improve.

5. TAKE A STEP AT A TIME. It will not be easy to give up toxic thoughts from one day to another, you may not see improvements immediately, so be patient and kind to yourself as you work and remember to enjoy the trip. Remember the saying: “enjoy the trip not the destination”

6. DEVELOP A DEEP TRUST IN LIFE. I could summarize it by telling you to have faith, trust in yourself, in life, leave fears aside, nothing will be impossible.

7. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO FAIL. To make mistakes, to get it wrong, in every error there is a lesson; events no matter how unpleasant they are, are necessary to learn.

8. BE GOOD WITH YOURSELF. Love, because if you do not the world around you will be a reflection of your behavior. Take care of your mind, body, heart, soul, exercise and food.

9. RENOUNCE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE AS OTHERS WANT YOU TO. Sometimes we are so focused on pleasing others that we lose control of our lives, Forget what they want or need. Courage comes from within and not from outside, It’s self-love what makes the difference, Do not let the opinions of others distract you from yourdreams.

10.DISCIPLINE YOUR MIND. Keep it in the present and now. Commit to the current moment. Be happy with what you are and have now. Do not let your mind betray you and make you think that you will be happy until you get what you want. Appreciate what is in front of you. You will become a better person as soon as you start enjoying the present. JOY + SIMPLICITY = HAPPINESS.

11. SURROUND YOURSELF OF THOSE WHO LOVES YOU. That is positive, you supporting and loving yourself, you seeing who you really are. Be soft and flexible, go to the rhythm of life. You only have one life to live, Make it memorable, renounce to toxicity. Never leave aside things. Your life is now, today is the day, The moment is NOW, LIVE IT TO THE MAXIMUM.