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3 Strategies To Prepare Yourself For Success

March 14, 2019

1. Prepare Your MIND for Success: Your mind is like a garden. You can either grow beautiful flowers or weeds. Either will grow just fine. If you prepare your mind, plant good seed, fertilize and water, weed your garden regularly, and then harvest at the right time. Whatever goes into your mind will dictate what comes back out.

A biblical principle that has been used in the business world for years is, as a manthinks, so he is. What this means is that you will become what you think about most. If you think you are fat, you will get fatter in order to fulfill the picture in your mind. If you see yourself as a financial failure, your mind will continue to recreate that picture in your life.

So, what you are going to need to do first is to quit putting garbage into your mind – newspapers, radio, television, trashy books and movies, etc. Your mind stores it all and it affects your ability to succeed. Instead start putting good stuff in – motivational and inspirational books and tapes, classes at the local community college, seminars, teleconferences, bible studies, church, etc. If you put good stuff in, you’ll get good thoughts back out.

Next, you need to change your mental picture. Take a piece of paper and describe in detail your perfect life. When you are finished, read the description out loud and picture it in your mind. Feel the emotions of excitement, fulfillment, accomplishment, and so on.

Prepare Your Mind For Success

Now, when you start each new day, read your life description, so that your mind can work that day to move you closer to fulfillment of that mental picture. Take a little time each day to close your eyes and visualize your perfect life. By doing this you make it reality in your mind. It has been proven through many scientific studies that the mind cannot tell the difference between reality and a vivid mental picture.

Finally, write it down, give yourself a time-frame, and review it daily. I recommend an index card placed on the bathroom mirror. Any work done on a goal is done in the last 20% of the time allotted for it so give your goals a time limit and keep to them…. You’ll be shocked at how much quicker they become realities!

By preparing your mind for success, you are about 90% there. As, Napoleon Hill wrote in his epic bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, “Whatever the mind of man canconceive and believe, it can achieve.” A properly prepared mind will enable you to focus on your business, family, health, spiritual life, with incredible clarity.

2. Prepare Your BODY for Success: Success takes time, energy, and brainpower. It’s not going to be possible if you are tired and worn down. Make sure that you are eating a healthy diet, exercising daily, drinking lots of water, and taking good nutritional products. It’s time to develop a lean, mean fat burning success machine, so that you can live a long and productive life.

Prepare Your Business For Success

3. Prepare Your BUSINESS for Success: Make sure that you have received the training that you need in order to succeed. Know what to say or ask in order to get someone interested in your business. Be capable of handling the basic objections in your business. Learn how to answer common questions about your company, the products or services, etc. You should have in place a system that inspires action on a regular basis.

Learn how to train a new employees. Develop a strong enough belief system in your company and its products or services that people, who say negative things about your business, won’t bother you. Learn to give a presentation to one person or a large group.

Next, you need to have the tools necessary to succeed. Treat your business like a BIG BUSINESS and it will eventually pay you like a big business. Treat it like a hobby and it will pay you like a hobby. It’s your choice.

Work through fear. When you run up against fear – making those initial contacts, follow-up calls, and public presentations – run through the fear. As Nike says, Just Do It! and the fear will go away. The more you do what you fear, the more fearless you become. Soon, nothing will get the way of your success.

Train, train, train – your mind, body, and business. The better your training, the greater the success. The quicker you get started with the preparation and resulting action, The quicker you will start seeing the success you seek.

Prepare Your Body For Success