Personal development

3 Estrategies to Master your Emotions

December 14, 2018

We all have unlimited potential. Through self-control, we can take control of our lives, master the forces that shape our destiny, and achieve whatever we want in life.

We are all were born with certain talents and opportunities, and deep down, we all want to make a difference. But most of the time we lack focus and confidence to achieve it.

If you pretend to reach all your potential, YOU MUST RAISE YOUR STANDARDS.

Everything begins with a decision: every decision (or lack of decision) has consequences. If you do not decide NOW how you are going to live in 10 years, you will have, by default, decided what you want the circumstances that dictate your life to be.

Like Gandhi said, “Every successful person has made an important decision in his life”

Your decisions are linked to your commitments, your actions, your learning and your flexibility.

I´ve learned that PLEASURE AND PAIN is big element in the actions we take or we don´t.

There are forces that direct us. Everything we do is to avoid pain and look for pleasure. Even what we know that is good for us in the long term may not do so because it causes us pain in the short term and in that case we are not likely to act. The key is to learn to use pain and pleasure to manage our decisions and actions, not to control us.

Talking about the power of our mind and what pain can make in our decisions you must LIMIT YOUR THOUGHTS.

We all have a belief system and also a set of limiting thoughts. A belief is a feeling of certainty about something. A mere idea can begin to fly if we find references and experiences that support it. The strength of a belief depends on the level of emotional intensity and the number of references it supports.

We can interpret the references as we want, and it does not really matter if a belief is “true”. Human beings can rationalize everything that is chosen. The most important thing is to know that a belief empowers us.

When we do something, our brains create a neural connection associated with a feeling or behavior. The more we do it, the more the connection is reinforced. That connection is a pattern.

This is a 6-step system to interrupt harmful patterns and replace them with positive patterns:

1. Define the goal

2. Motivate yourself to reach it.

3. Interrupt the harmful pattern

4. Replace it with the new pattern.

5. Condition

6. Check the result.

Changing your belief system is only the first step. To really improve in life, you have to change your strategies.

Everything we want to achieve in life (money, family, career) must allow us to feel how we want to feel (loved, respected, happy, etc.). Our feelings are our internal compass, and it tells us if we are on the right track.

To master your emotions, you must apply 3 strategies:

  • Management of your mental and emotional states (you can choose how to feel in a situation by changing your physiology or changing your focus)
  • Correct management of your vocabulary and metaphors (you can choose the language to use in a situation, and that empower you or not)
  • Questions (the way you ask questions – to yourself or to others) – determines whether you focus on the problem or the solution)

With these tools we will seek to dominate our negative emotions, and we will seek to replace them with emotions of power (Love, gratitude, curiosity, passion, determination, flexibility, confidence, joy, vitality, contribution)